5 Quick Tips for Photo Models

There is more for a photo model than just looking good and having a huge collection of fashionable dresses.
Tip No. 1
Mental Preparation
Think about the topic of your next job. Which poses could you do? Do some research on the internet and fashion magazines. Train your poses in front of a mirror. Most photographers expect from you that you offer them a large variety of different poses. They just want to fine tune your posing but not tell you exactly what to do next. There should be no need for you to think about what pose you could do next. It should be a flow of poses. This can only be achieved by training. It also helps if you ask your friend to make photos while you pose. Yes, it probably will get funny but if you take it at least a little serious you can take a look at your poses afterwards and try to optimize them.
Tip No. 2
Hands and Face
Very often Models just think about the posture but neglect the face and hands. Don’t forget your facial expression. Try to express emotions like fear, rage, sadness or happiness just with your face. If you just smile on every image a potential client might think that you have a very limited repertoire of facial expressions and that you are only suitable for a limited kind of jobs. Also don’t forget your fingers. Look at the hands of ballet dancers. Do not squish them together. Always leave a bit of space. If you pose touching yourself with your fingers, imagine yourself being an extremely fragile piece of art. During a shooting you want to touch yourself or anything else with the slightest touch possible.
Tip No. 3
You should know your face’s better half
No face is symmetrical. You can easily find that out yourself. Take a portrait of yourself and copy it two times. Cut each copy vertically. One copy showing the left side only the other one showing the right side only. Now put those copies on the original image. So that it is mirror reflected. Now which side do you like more? This article says that most of the time it’s the left side.  According to their study it turns out that the left side of the face registers more emotion than does the right side and for this reason observers may find the left side more aesthetically pleasing.
Tip No. 4
Strengthen your muscles and train your sense of balance
Posing is exhausting. Body tension is extremely important. If you look at photos you could think that most poses look very relaxed but in reality a model should always keep body tension. However as mentioned earlier your face and your hands should be relaxed. Not easy if you are not fit enough. A good model should be able to bend herself like a brezel, keep a pose over several minutes, still looking relaxed and doing that several hours. Can you do that?
Tip No. 5
Finger and Toe Nails, Teeth and Tongue
Learn how to care your finger and toe nails. Talk to the photographer before the shooting if the nails should look natural or be colorized. Nail polish should be applied before the shooting. Avoid chipped nail polish.
How about your teeth? They can be whitened digitally afterwards with ease but it doesn’t look very professional if you pose with food stuck between your teeth! And think about your tongue too. If you drink coffee before the shoot make sure to clean your tongue as well.


Source: alexander-rebholz.de