Oil pulling is an old Ayuverdic technique where you swish the oil around in your mouth. You should be doing this every morning, straight after you wake up, for 20 minutes. I am sure you are telling yourself that you can’t imagine to hold something in your mouth for 20 minutes. I wasn’t either but try to start doing the oil pulling for 10 minutes (or 5 if 10 is a lot) and add 5 minutes after each week. You will see that it will be much easier for you to swish the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes you split the oil to the toilet and you brush your teeth. If you are doing it correctly, you should immediately feel that something good is going on in your mouth. 



*white teeth (even if you are a smoker) 

*fresh breath (also in the morning) 

*healthy gums and no teeth plaque = no dentist

*no toxins on your tongue and in your mouth (most of the toxins come in & out by mouth and feet)

*heals headaches and migranes

*You will feel fresh and “lighter” and your skin and organs will thank you too



In the ancient times, people used the sesame oil. Personally, I didn’t try it yet, but if you are starting with oil pulling, I suggest you to buy the coconut oil. The taste of the coconut oil is milder than of the sunflower or olive oil. After few weeks of oil pulling with coconut oil (when you get used to it) I advise you to change it for the sunflower oil ( the one in the glass bottle). It has sunflower seeds taste , so it’s not as disgusting as olive oil. Of course, when you don’t have coconut or sunflower oil, you can use the olive oil, but be prepared to have the bitter taste in your mouth, all day long ( nobody said that toxins are sweet 🙂 ) 

I have very good experience with the oil pulling and I advise it to everybody around me. Try it and you will see that when you skip just one day, you will miss it.

So do some oil pulling and keep smiling 🙂